# Using Smartsupp

This page will describe methods which are available to you.

# Getting Mobile SDK Instance

Provides Mobile SDK instance which can be used for calling methods.


# Opening Chat Box

Opens Chat box.

        onSuccessCallback = {
            // Chat box is opening
        onFailureCallback = { error ->
            // Handle error

Method has two callbacks params onSuccessCallback and onFailureCallback. When onSuccessCallback is callled, the Mobile SDK should then open a Activity with a Chat box in it. When onFailureCallback is called Chat box is not opened and Throwable is returned. If this happens check your Smartsupp key and Api key if they are correctly setted in your Application.


User have to be connected to the internet for opening the Chat box.

# User Identification

Method sets additonal properties for your user.

        name = "John Doe",
        email = "john.doe@example.com",
        phone = "123 456 789",
        variables = mapOf(
            Pair("User_ID", "1234"),
            Pair("Customer_status", "VIP"),
            Pair("Customer_spending", "100 EUR"),

Each value is optional, so you can use only the ones you need.


For more information visit this (opens new window).

# Reset User

Method clears the current user's data and initiates a fresh chat session, providing a clean slate for interaction.


# Accounts Status

Start listening for AccountStatus updates using:


In listener you will receive AccountStatus which can be ONLINE or OFFLINE.

If you want to get current AccountStatus use:


# Number of Unread Messages

Start listening for unread messages updates using:


If you want to get the current count of unread messages use: