# About

Welcome to the documentation of the Smartsupp framework, your gateway to seamless live chat communication with customer support in your mobile applications. This document is designed to assist you in integrating and utilizing Smartsupp effectively within your projects.

  • Android (Mobile SDK for Android application)
  • iOS (Mobile SDK for iOS application)

# Getting Started

Explore the sections below to get started with the Mobile SDK:

Installation: Learn how to integrate the framework into your project.
Setup: Get hands-on guidance on initializing the SDK with your unique API key.
Using Smartsupp: Dive into the details of implementing and utilizing the SDK's features in your app. Whether you're building a new app or enhancing an existing one, Smartsupp provides a streamlined solution for embedding live chat support directly into your application.

# Features

  • Full support for the powerful Smartsupp widget
  • Identify visitor with name, email and phone number, add custom variables
  • Get update on incoming messages, account status

# Sample App

To help you quickly grasp the capabilities of the Mobile SDK, we've created a sample app that showcases fundamental functionalities and best practices. The sample app serves as a practical reference, demonstrating how to integrate and leverage Smartsupp within a basic application.

# Compatibility

  • Smartsupp Android supports API 24 and above.
  • Smartsupp iOS is compatible with iOS 15 and later. The sample app demonstrates how to integrate it into both SwiftUI and UIKit applications.