Customer info

Display additional info about your customers.

Your chat agents can see different info (name, email, spending, ...) when chatting with your customer and thus provide better support.


You need a connection to your site or app user database to pull data from in order for API to work.

Customer name and email

Display customer name and email in your dashboard under tab Customer info.

customer info

  smartsupp('name', 'John Doe');
  smartsupp('email', '');

Specific customer info

You can define custom and quite specific info that fits your business and support needs.

  smartsupp('variables', {
    userId: {
      label: 'User ID ',
      value: 123
    role: {
      label: 'Customer status',
      value: 'VIP'
    orderedPrice: {
      label: 'Customer spending',
      value: '100 EUR'