# Detailed visitor info

See additional info about your customers while chatting with them

⛔  Legacy API

You are browsing legacy API. Current version you can find here.

# Basic visitor data

  smartsupp('name', 'John Doe');
  smartsupp('email', 'john.doe@example.com');
  smartsupp('phone', '+425123456');

# Custom visitor data

Show custom visitor info in Smartsupp based on your needs. This info is shown in Customer info box in the visitor info panel while chatting. You can link any data you want, e.g. your internal customer ID, customer’s spending or customer’s last order ID.

  smartsupp('variables', {
    User_ID: "1234",
    Customer_status: "VIP",
    Customer_spending: "100 EUR",

# Dashboard

Show visitor’s name, email and phone in Smartsupp. It’s displayed in visitor info panel while chatting, also in visitor list, history.

customer info